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Professional schooling and training of driving and dressage horses

Young horses can be trained with us.

We are also responsible for the training or re-schooling of driving horses.

Horses can also be driven under the saddle.

Driving lessons, both private and for groups

Would you like to receive lessons from Gerard or can you as a club or individual get together a group of people who would like a day of lessons of Gerard, then all this can.

Please contact Gerard by phone or e-mail in person.

Training weekends or weeks are also possible, as are foreign internships.

Coaching of drivers and riders

If you wish, you can let yourself be coached by Gerard in preparation for your competitions. He then provides the right guidance so that you can start your season match-wise.

Taking at competitions of driving horses

If you wish, Gerard can also train your horses and drive them at the competition.

Guidance on competitions


Gerard brings the horses to the vetcheck in a professional way if desired.


Gerard also ensures that he is present during the mandatory checks to adjust if necessary.


Gerard provides the right guidance for both dressage, cones and marathon.


Gerard can drive the horse(s) or come with you to give some final instructions.


If desired, Gerard can also be a groom for the correct steering during the marathon.

All kinds of clinics and courses

We can also provide for all kinds of courses and clinics.

This can be done both on location and at home. For this we have a classroom where we can receive about 50 people.

If you would like to organize a theory evening on all kinds of "driving-related" topics, you can. Gerard is also regularly asked to give clinics at events.

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